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Ok I know I’m being really slack on the blog at the moment. I’ll be back soon I promise! I’ve been doing a whole bunch of gaming and I have lots of Thoughts to dump.

In the meantime, here’s a quote I just came across which I thought was a brilliant metaphor for the sort of play I like. (Thanks to Carl Rigney who sent it to me along with a whole lot of great advice for running Apocalypse World as a one-off rather than as a campaign.)

“It’s like pinball! Like a pinball table. The inclined plane
is the game’s fiction, the marble is the moment of play, and
all the paddles and wheels and bumpers and light-ups and flags
and whatever are the moves. Their job is to give energy to the
marble, make it go faster, with spin, in different directions,
unpredictably and excitingly. As player, you have more or less
control over your own set of paddles, your own moves, but none
of them let you really drive the ball.”

— Vincent Baker re Apocalypse World

Now that’s what I want from a roleplaying game.